Premises Liability

A Los Angeles premise liability lawyer can be an integral to recover compensation if someone has fallen on someone else’s property. A property owner should ensure that their public or private property is well-maintained and habitable so that pedestrians or visitors do not sustain serious injuries.

Premises liability lawyers are personal injury attorneys who file liability claims against property owners whose property has unsafe conditions. Premises liability accidents can include uneven sidewalks that are unsafe for pedestrians, puddles in a grocery store, fallen trees that provide unsafe conditions, and swimming pool accidents, just to name a few.

If you or someone you know has accrued medical bills, emotional distress, or physical therapy bills from a premises accident, you should call a premises lability lawyer at Lawyer’s for Justice, PC’s today at (844) 568-1702.

What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises liability law entails a business owner or property owner’s legal responsibility to care and maintain a reasonably safe environment of their property. If they do not , they can be held responsible for accident victims who injure themselves on their Los Angeles premises. The property owner can be subjected to premises liability claims brought upon them by a Los Angeles premises liability lawyer.

By law, property owners in California must exercise reasonable care of their premises and maintain its safety to reduce the chance of it having a dangerous condition. The degree of care that a responsible property owner should execute is the same they should execute when thinking about premises where they would feel comfortable living or working. If a landlord, property management company, or property owner fails in keeping their property safe, he or she can be held liable for common accidents and any premises liability cases that may arise from the unsafe condition of the premises.

How Can a Premises Liability Lawyer Help?

A premises liability attorney, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC, can help victims file a premises liability lawsuit due to a property owner’s negligence if the victim’s injury claim is severe enough.

Every personal injury claim is different with premises liability cases. Each premises liability case requires an experienced premises liability attorney to review the premises liability accident, liability laws, medical expenses, and the responsible parties to determine the eligibility of a valid premises liability case.

Determining Liability

A premises liability attorney who is very familiar with premises liability laws will conduct an investigation of the property in question (where the incident occurred). From there, if the dangerous condition that caused the accident on someone’s property could have been prevented, the experienced attorney will determine the financial recovery and fair compensation the injured party should receive.

The premises liability lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC (LFJ) offer all prospective clients a free consultation. The Los Angeles premises liability lawyer team at LFJ believes that no one should accrue up-front legal fees when they are injured. Instead, clients only pay when premises liability case is won.


Premise Liability in California

California’s premises liability laws are determined based upon a property owner’s negligence, which is represented under Civil Code §1714(a). A premises liability claim requires certain proof and elements that a plaintiff’s injury was caused as a result of the defendant’s property mismanagement. Said elements can include:

  1. The accused property owner either owned, occupied, leased, or controlled the premises.
  2. The accused property owner knew of a dangerous condition on the property and was negligent in its maintenance.
  3. The plaintiff was injured.
  4. The accused property owner’s negligence was the major contributing factor in causing the victim’s injury.


Recovery From Premises Liability Accidents

After a serious premises liability accident, our Los Angeles premises liability lawyer team can help you recover compensation for a wide array of damages, including (but not limited to):

* Any accident-related medical expenses

* Any lost wages due to the accident

* Lost earning capacity

* Any physical pain and suffering

* Emotional distress

* Disfigurement or bodily scarring

* Any permanent physical impairments

* A reduced quality of life due to the accident

Types Of Premise Liability Cases We Handle

Premises liability law in Los Angeles covers a wide range of accidents that residents experience. And unfortunately, these accidents are common. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents contribute to sending over one million people to seek medical attention in the United States.

The Los Angeles premises liability attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC have over a decade of experience fighting for those who have been injured by a property owner’s negligence. We handle premises liability cases throughout California, including (but not limited to):

* Slip and fall incidents – if someone falls on someone’s property

* Dog bites – if a dog attacks or bites an individual

* Accidents that occur in the workplace – falling on an uneven hallway, tripping up slippery stairs, harming or burning one’s self on unsafe equipment

* Accidents that occur at an amusement park – park rides malfunctioning and causing injuries.

* Grocery store of restaurant incidents – if food or a liquid causes patrons to slip and fall.

* Accidents involving mismanagement of a swimming pool – either an accidental drowning because safety measures weren’t properly in place, or a slip and fall due to an ill-maintained pool area.

* Elevator and escalator injuries – injuries that occur due to the malfunction of a elevator or escalator.

* Falling trees or branches that cause injury – trees or branches falling and injuring passersby.

* Structural collapses – if a wall, floor, or ceiling of a structure collapses and harms an individual.

* Fires – an outbreak of flames that could have been prevented by a property owner.

* Exposure to toxic substances – if a person is harmed from coming into contact with dangerous substances on a premises.

If you, or someone who know, has experienced an injury from any of the above, there may be an opportunity to receive compensation from a premises liability claim because of negligent property management. An owner who mismanages their property can create a hazardous environment and injury risks for California residents.

When To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer – FAQ

  • do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    You should hire a Los Angeles premises liability lawyer whenever you are injured in an accident due to negligence or wrongdoing because a personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for any injuries.A lawyer also protects a client’s best interests against property owners who refuse to pay for injuries or medical bills. If you’re unsure whether or not to hire a lawyer, Lawyers for Justice, PC offers a free consultation. Call (844) 568-1702

  • when to contact a personal injury lawyer?

    You should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you seek medical attention to treat you for the incident. Time is precious limited; calling an attorney to help you as soon as possible is the best course of action.

  • what to expect from a personal injury lawyer?

    A experienced injury attorney, like the ones at LFJ, offer a free consultation and they help clients by putting their best interests first. If they lost wages, have expensive medical expenses, or are suffering emotional distress from their accident, a personal injury lawyer will help a client get reasonable care and the compensation they deserve.

  • how do I talk to a personal injury lawyer?

    You can speak to a lawyer comfortably. They are there to help you. Do your best to recount the incident that occurred and provide them with any proof of the incident. And do not leave anything out.

  • how to choose a personal injury lawyer?

    There are many personal injury attorneys to choose from in California, but Lawyers for Justice, PC has been helping clients for almost fifteen years. The firm has won countless awards and has recovered over 1 million dollars for clients. The firm has an impeccable reputation and does everything in their power to help clients. Plus, clients do not pay any up-front fees to retain legal services.

  • what can a personal injury lawyer do for you?

    A PI attorney can file premises liability claims against negligent property owners and ensure their clients receive the damages they are owed.

  • what are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer?

    Attorneys have a very sophisticated knowledge of the law and can often help clients recover more money than they would receive if they represented themselves. Lawyers know how to use the law to get the most for their clients.

  • what to look for in a personal injury lawyer?

    Look for an attorney’s track record of cases, how many cases they have won, if they have practiced personal injury law in the past and their success rate, and – most importantly – how safe and comfortable they make you feel. Ensure that they provide a sense of trust.

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