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At Lawyers for Justice, PC, we are committed to providing access to high-quality legal services for those who need it most. Our network of attorneys and legal professionals is integral in helping us achieve our goals. If you are interested in becoming a referral partner, we invite you join us in our mission of ensuring justice for all.



Our mission is to educate, empower and bring justice to individuals who have been wronged and injured. We believe everyone deserves justice, regardless of their financial situation, which is why we only are paid when we win a case for our clients.


We offer a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you are seeking representation in a court case, a referral, or legal advice, we are here to provide help.
Our services include litigation representation, providing legal counsel, and advocating for those in need.

Our services include:
  • LEGAL Counsel


We have a proven track record of making a significant difference in the lives of Californians.

Even if we receive a case that isn’t best suited for our needs, we don’t turn the client away. We partner with other law firms that share our sense of integrity, strength, and compassion so we can send our inquiries to the best possible partner for them to have their case resolved.


Here at Mr. Justice, we believe in building relationships and providing an environment that allows our attorneys to flourish. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can become part of our network.


We know that attorneys have busy lifestyles and we strive to create flexible volunteering opportunities that fit their schedules. Join us in giving back to the community by providing high-quality legal services.


You are not alone in your journey with us – We offer a comprehensive array of support features, from legal resources and tools to mentorship from experienced professionals.


Working with Mr. Justice not only provides you a chance to build up your portfolio, but also to give back to the community. Make a difference this year and join us in our mission to ensure justice for all.

Referring Cases to other Lawyers


We understand that our clients are often dealing with difficult legal situations, and we are proud to advocate for justice on their behalf. We have been actively involved in our community since our inception, and we are committed to continue supporting individuals in need.


If you’re a law firm interested in partnering with Lawyers for Justice, PC on upcoming cases, contact us today.

Co-counsel basics for injury cases
what our clients say
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5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“My first time talking to a lawyer (Jill) for Justice. She was absolutely great about explaining my case. She explained everything which I could understand. From that day moving forward there team was great, all the appointments were very pleasant and we got the job done. Great law firm.”

Chantae Y.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“Great customer service. High quality team. They made a major effort in everything they did. I highly recommend this team for any cases you may have. They truly did their best and the outcome couldn’t have been better!”

James M.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“They always kept me in the loop on what was going on with my case against Halliburton energy services. It was a long journey but it was worth it I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys for all your hard work.”

Marcos R.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“I highly recommend Lawyers for Justice! They represented me well and treated me with great respect. A great team and definitely helped me out and got me a great settlement. Seek a consultation now! Thank you again.”

Eliazar G.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Lawyers For Justice was amazing!  They kept me updated on my case that I had going on, and I would highly recommend them.   An excellent settlement was reached.”

Alice R.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“Lawyers For Justice helped me with a case against my former employer. I am glad they were on my side. They really know what they are doing. From the very first day, they made sure I knew exactly what was happening or going to happen. They were like a well oiled machine. They knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I would and have recommended to my friends and family. They are the best of the best.”

Kevin C.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“I had an amazing experience from start to finish with this Firm. I was a class representative for a class action lawsuit and they helped me every step of the way, answered all of my question and concerns and fully prepared me for the 8 hour deposition I did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services as they are very knowledgeable and informative in every aspect. Hands down best lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!!!!”

Princess P.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Lawyers For Justice helped me get compensation and closure after working for an unethical business. Just leaving this unlawful business didn’t give me much closure because after my exit interview, I felt like my complaints fell on deaf ears.  They weren’t going to change their business practices if it would cost them revenue.  Lawyers For Justice started a class action suit to hold them accountable for their unfair business acts.  My coworkers were even compensated for this business’ bad acts.  I felt a huge relief after the lawsuit had been won.  I felt vindicated that this big business was going to have consequences for its unethical behavior.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this lawyer group to anyone who is being unjustly treated in the workplace.”

Karen S.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“Lawyers for Justice is a very experienced law firm and one of the few successful law groups in Los Angeles who defend and win the cases which represent employees. As an example of this success firm, is the big case that we submitted against Doncasters Industries Incorporation Integrated Technology. This case was a big win for hundreds of employees in California, the Lawyers for justice brought thousands of dollars for the employees. I recommend Lawyers for Justice to be your Law Firm, who will give you hope.”

George H.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Couldn’t say enough about the staff at Lawyers for Justice They go above and beyond and keep you undated regularly. I highly recommend them :)”

Alisha C.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Lawyers for Justice really made me feel heard and represented me well. They diligently kept me informed throughout the legal process and also took the time to get my statements & interviews correctly. I trusted this firm and that they would get the job done for me. Once the settlement was complete, I was paid quickly. Phone calls and emails were always returned quickly as well. I’d recommend Lawyers for Justice to anyone suffering at their workplace.”

Kendra R.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Lawyers for Justice was a beacon of hope for me. Just when I though I would never be able to find a good attorney, and satisfactory resolution seemed nigh or impossible for me, there they were. Not only were they able to defend me towards an unjust employer, they were able to close my case. I am eternally grateful for there service and I hereby recommend them without reservation.”

Myrna G
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Man

“Lawyers for Justice was able to help me when I was dire need of help. They came through and assisted me with my lawsuit, they were very professional, made it easy and comfortable for me to not worry knowing I was in good hands. I even recommend their services to a good friend of mines…. I highly recommend them!”

Albert B.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“Lawyers for Justice was very helpful in righting a wrong in regards to overtime pay and breaks/lunch hours. They were fair, kept me in formed and we had a fast resolution.”

Joyce E.
5 Stars Rating
Avatar of a Woman

“I had a case that I really needed help with and Lawyers for Justice was there to help. They are very helpful, Professional, and most importantly they are there for you. They made me feel really comfortable and answered all my questions every time. They really do get Justice for you. I highly recommend them.”

Yvette V.


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