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Wage and Hour Statute of Limitations in California
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If you need a Pasadena employment attorney, Lawyers for Justice, PC can help you seek compensation. When California employees have been improperly treated at work for any reason – maybe their employer broke wage and hour laws, they could have experienced sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination about their national origin or sexual orientation, be working in a hostile work environment, or feel they may have another kind of employment law case they want to pursue – they are entitled to to a fair litigation process to pursue justice. Lawyers for Justice, PC (LFJ) is an employment law firm that has been fighting employment law cases for over a decade across California. The Pasadena employment law attorneys can help California workers file an employment law claim and hold their employer accountable for wrongful termination and other improper conduct happening within the workplace. LFJ takes a client-first approach to employment law; unlike other law firms, LFJ works on a contingency basis, which means workers do not have to pay any upfront fees to retain legal services. And they offer a free consultation. LFJ is a law office that fights for employee rights with an employment lawyer who upholds a fair legal process. The experienced attorney team in Los Angeles, CA takes on employment cases in multiple practice areas. You can explore our employment attorney team members and get more information on how we obtain justice for you via our employment law blog. Take the first step in protecting your rights and interests by reaching out to our experienced Burbank employment lawyers. Our Pasadena employment attorney team is here to listen and provide personalized legal advice on wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and other employment law issues. Contact us for a free consultation.

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    Practice areas

    We have helped countless Californians win their legal battles time and again. Our team of employment lawyers are experienced in litigating even the toughest cases. Let us fight for what you deserve.

    Hostile Work Environment

    Our attorneys hold employers responsible who do not uphold a safe or adequate work environment.

    Wrongful Termination

    Do you believe you were illegally fired? Our team can assess your case and fight for your rights.

    Workplace Discrimination

    Have you been discriminated against at work because of your race, gender, disability, or something else? We will fight for you.

    Workers Compensation

    If you were injured at work, our attorneys are the strongest voice for workers’ compensation issues.

    Wage & Hour

    Our powerful lawyers fight for California workers who have been denied meal & rest breaks, overtime, and other pay they deserve.

    Sexual Harassment

    Our experienced employment lawyers have helped workers who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace.


    Our employment law attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC skillfully handle workplace cases in Los Angeles and have our main headquarters in Glendale, CA. Our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles are powerful attorneys that represent California residents who have suffered discrimination, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, meal and break violations, workers compensation problems, and other workplace issues.


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