Dog Incidents

Dog Incidents

Dog bites can be severe and cause life-threatening injuries, especially when involving a larger dog breed and a small child. A dog bite incident can happen to anyone, at any time, and without warning, but our Los Angeles dog bite lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC protect our clients from vicious canine attacks.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are more than 4.5 million people bitten by dogs each year (and nearly 1 out of every 5 of those people reside in the U.S.). Some dog breeds’ bites are more damaging than others, but many vicious dog attacks require some sort of medical attention.


What Is The Law On Dog Bites?

The owner of any dog in California is liable for the damages suffered by a dog bite victim while in a public place or, lawfully, in a private place, including the property of the dog owner. This also means that the dog owner is liable for a dog bite claim regardless of any former vicious behavior from the dog, or the owner’s knowledge of any viciousness.

Whenever there has been a dog bite attack on at least two separate occasions, any person, the district attorney, or city dog bite attorney may bring action against the dog’s owner to determine whether the dog bite injury warrants the treatment or confinement of the dog in an effort to remove the danger it poses to other people.

The action taken is usually in the county where the dog bite attack occurred. After hearing the dog bite injury claim, the court can make a decision it deems appropriate to prevent the recurrence of another dog bite injury, which could include, but is not limited to, the removal of the animal from its location area or its destruction

Types of Dog Bite Claims

According to California Law, Section 3342, the dog owner is liable for the damages it causes a victim who is bitten by the dog. However, a person cannot bring a claim against a government agency that uses a Los Angeles dog for military or police work if the bite occurred while the dog was assisting an officer to simply complete its job.

A dog bite case where a dog bites another person while defending itself from a provoking, annoying or harassing act by the human, then the dog owner likely will not be held liable for any subsequent dog bite injuries.

In addition, the Los Angeles dog bite law applies to situations in which a tangible dog bite has occurred. The law does not cover minor injuries if a person is injured by from a dog’s jumping or scratching. However, they do they have the legal right to file a negligence dog bite claim against the dog’s owner.

California dog bite laws also place extra responsibility on a dog owner if their animal has incurred previous dog attacks. Under California Law, Section 3342.5, an owner of a dog who has previously caused dog bite injuries must take reasonable care to prevent future dog bites from occurring again. Once there have been dog attacks on two separate occasions, the district attorney or dog bite lawyer will assess the specific situation and make a judgment on if the dog owner took the appropriate steps to keep the animal away from others to prevent a serious injuries from occurring.


Levels of Dog Bites

Level A: The first level of a dog attack could show that a canine is displaying clear and aggressive behavior, but there is no teeth-to-skin contact.

Level B: Here, the canine becomes more assertive. There is usually skin-to-tooth contact, but the dog bite victim does not have their skin is not punctured yet.

Level C: A dog bite occurs. However, there must be one to four tooth punctures from a single bite and no puncture can go deeper than half the length of the canine’s tooth.

Level D: Medical treatment is recommended. The situation is serious and the dog must be isolated. This attack includes one to four puncture wounds from a single bite. The puncture must be deeper than half the length of the dog’s teeth. Dog bite victims may develop bruising around the puncture due to the severity and intensity of the dog attack.

Level E: A dog bite injury of this caliber requires signifies a dangerous animal and rehabilitation efforts are usually unsuccessful. Multiple dog bites and serious attacks are commonplace. No one is safe around the dog. Destruction of the animal is recommended because of the danger it poses.

Level F: This level is quite rare, but someone is killed in the dog attack.


What to Do if a Dog Bites You and Draws Blood

  1. Stop the wound from bleeding by applying direct pressure with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Wash the wound.
  3. Apply an antibacterial solution like peroxide or an ointment to the wound to prevent infection.
  4. Put a dry, sterile bandage over the bite.
  5. If the bite is located on the person’s neck, head, face, hand, fingers, or feet, call a medical provider right away.
  6. If the Los Angeles dog bite caused serious injuries, a dog bite lawyer may be able to help. Call an experienced dog bite attorney, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC as soon as you receive immediate medical attention. You may be entitled to recover compensation due to post traumatic stress disorder that happened because of the attack, or at the very least, have the medical expenses paid for.


What other damages are available in a dog bite lawsuit?

Victims of dog bites can recover compensatory damages for any losses that stemmed from the dog attack. In a dog bite lawsuit, losses could include:

  • medical bills,
  • future medical expenses
  • any lost wages or lost income
  • a reduced earning capacity from a dog bite injury that could impair the dog bite victim’s ability to earn a living
  • any pain and suffering, that could include post traumatic stress disorder
  • the cost of replacing any property damage from a Los Angeles dog attack

A dog bite victim who has the help of dog bite lawyers (like the experienced dog bite lawyers at LFJ), can maximize their damages in their dog bite case.

How Long After a Dog Bite Can You Sue?

A dog bite injury is considered a personal injury lawsuit, so it is included in California’s two-year statute of limitations. Therefore, a dog bite victim has two years from the date of the dog attack to file a civil lawsuit.


Should I Get a Personal injury lawyer for a dog bite? – FAQ

  • should I get a lawyer for a dog bite?

    You should contact a California dog bite lawyer as soon as possible after the dog attack. There are many steps and investigations experienced personal injury dog bite lawyers have go through before formally filing a claim, so the more time they have, the better.

  • do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    Some personal dog bite injuries don’t require a dog bite attorney. However, working with a personal injury law firm can be helpful because of the breadth of legal knowledge and experience handling injury claims they have. A Los Angeles dog bite attorney can explain your legal rights and how much lost wages or other forms of compensation you could recover from the animal attack.

  • when to contact a personal injury lawyer?

    It is recommended to contact Los Angeles dog bite lawyers as soon as possible after the dog attack. Lawyers for Justice, PC offers a free consultation, so there are no upfront fees to get help.

  • what to expect from a personal injury lawyer?

    A Los Angeles dog bite lawyer will discuss the dog attack with you and let you know your rights in the dog bite case. A dog bite lawyer can advise you about what steps you need to take to negotiate a settlement from the dog’s owner to recover any medical attention costs or lost wages that could have occurred from the dog bite.

  • how to to talk to a personal injury lawyer?

    The most effective way to communicate with an injury lawyer about a major or minor dog bite is to be honest and clear on what happened. The dog bite victim should give the facts in a straightforward manner so the Los Angeles attorney can provide the best feedback.

  • how to choose a personal injury lawyer?

    Choosing someone to help fight against dog bites can be a hard decision, but a good Los Angeles attorney should make dog bite victims feel safe and secure. Ask the lawyer about their credentials, their experience, and how long they have practiced law to get a better understanding of their history.

  • what can a personal injury lawyer do for you?

    In terms of dog bite victims, the Los Angeles lawyer team at LFJ can provide a free consultation and help clients recover the costs of medical bills, broken bones, pain and suffering, and more.

  • what are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer?

    Lawyers know the intricacies of the law better than the average citizen. Having an attorney on your side can increase your chances of winning your case. The Los Angeles dog bite lawyers at LFJ can use the law to your advantage and get you what you deserve.

  • what to look for in a personal injury lawyer?

    Look for a good track record of winning, any awards or accolades they may have received, how long they have practiced law, and what other similar cases they have taken on.


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