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Passenger Claims Attorneys Fight For All Passengers

Passenger Claims Attorneys Fight For All Passengers

A passenger, by definition, is someone who is traveling in a mode of transportation – and the modes of transportation can vary from car passengers, cruise ship passengers, train and plane, passengers, and more.

And as is so often the case, sometimes, unfortunately, these modes of transportation can become involved in a myriad of accidents. If there are injured passengers in such accidents, they will often call an experienced car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer, and file passenger injury claims with their insurance company.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a personal injury law firm and has been practicing law for over a decade and helps an injured passenger pursue compensation against the negligent party for lost wages, high medical bills, cruise ship injuries, medical treatment and an overall fair settlement. The firm has extensive knowledge of all types of vehicular accidents and has a comprehensive understanding of the filing process to recover compensation for clients.

Passenger Claim for a California Car Accident Case

Along with its sunny weather and scenic beauty, California is also known for its traffic – especially in Los Angeles where Lawyers for Justice, PC has its headquarters. All drivers should have insurance coverage to operate a vehicle so that if an accident occurred and the other driver, passengers, or drivers involved sustained severe injuries, the driver involved has an insurance carrier that can help them navigate the complexities of the traffic accident.

In some instances, there can be several negligent parties involved in car accidents. The best course of action after a motor vehicle accident – even if you were a passenger – is to call a personal injury lawyer who is extremely skilled in filing claims. The attorney team at Lawyers for Justice, PC offers a free consultation for potential clients, so there is no risk or financial obligation to speak to one of our team members. Our lawyers can even advise on insurance claim best practices and can help navigate strategy if there was another passenger in a car at the time of the accident. They will also help determine the responsible drivers of the accident.

Can Passengers Sue Drivers of Other Vehicles?

If the passenger has sustained a personal injury, they can file a claim. Likewise, the driver of the vehicle is entitled to pursue legal action via an attorney if the driver of a negligent driver caused the auto accident.

Even if the not-at-fault driver in the same car as the passenger does not seek compensation, a passenger can still file a personal injury lawsuit.

And if liability belongs to the driver who caused the accident and they have someone riding in the car with them who is not at fault, the not-at-fault passenger can contact a lawyer to file a claim if they were injured from the driver’s negligence.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For My Claim?

Having legal representation usually increases the financial amount of claims because a lawyer knows how to fight for a passenger in ways the passenger may not be knowledgeable about.

In the claim, an attorney can request full compensation for a medical payment a passenger may have paid from the driver’s insurance company, the driver, or another party that might hold liability for the accident.

Exact amounts vary on a case by case basis, but at the very least, a passenger should be compensated for the medical toll and emotional suffering they endured while in a car accident that was not their fault.

Who Pays Medical Bills in an Auto Accident When No One Wants to Settle?

In most instances, the case settles. But it only happens when you have an experienced attorney on your side. Whether there are multiple vehicles involved or multiple injuries have been sustained, good attorneys know how to make the guilty admit liability.

At Lawyers for Justice, PC our attorney team has won multiple awards since 2017, including settling some of the toughest class action cases against the biggest corporations. The legal experience of our lawyers is unparalleled and we can handle any passenger injury case that comes our way.

Injuries Caused by a Cruise Line

The thought of embarking on a shore excursion or journey on a cruise line is an exotic one; what’s better that gorgeous weather on the high seas for a few days?

However, injury claims can be filed while on a cruise ship if there is an accident aboard. Many accidents can occur on a ship, such as slips or trips and falls, food poisoning that requires medical attention, medical bills that accrue from the treatment of infections on board which may have been caused by unsanitary conditions, and other injuries that require immediate medical attention.

A law firm can help a passenger recover financial compensation, legal interests, financial losses, and more. And as aforementioned, Lawyers for Justice, PC can help do all of those things by starting out with a free case review. In the free consultation, a trained professional will ask questions pertinent to the injury, including details about medical care received, so we can determine if any maritime law was breached. These questions are necessary to see if our attorneys are able to file suit.

How Cruise Ships’ Passenger Claims Attorney Handles an Accident Claim

A cruise ship represents a standard of relaxation and class for travelers. When passengers are unable to recuperate from traumatic injuries during a vacation, an attorney should be their first call to help them navigate their accident. Lawyers for Justice, PC’s attorneys puts passengers first; we help them file claims for their accident and get them what they deserve.

Other Types of Passenger Claims

In addition to car accident and cruise ship claims, other such passenger claims can include, but are not limited to:

Train accidents

Plane accidents

Scooter accidents

Uber or ride share accidents

How to Prove Liability for a Passenger Vehicle Accident

Whether you were on board a cruise ship and were injured, involved in a car accident as a passenger, or were a rider in another type of transportation incident, one of your first calls should be to an attorney so they can help you navigate next steps. They can point you in the best direction for filing an insurance company claim.

Call Lawyers for Justice, PC today if you were an innocent passenger in an accident so we can help you file a claim. Call (818) JUSTICE today.


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