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What to Do After a Slip & Fall Accident

What to Do After a Slip & Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident can occur when someone least expects it. You could be working or shopping at a local grocery store, walking in your apartment complex, or it could even be due to negligent security. Slip and fall accidents most often occur due to negligence; usually a property owner ignores a known slip and fall hazard, which could result in you being able to collect compensation through a premises liability claim. Working with a slip and fall lawyer like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC can help shepherd you through the process. The LFJ attorneys are a powerful voice to help victims after a bad fall in California.

Here’s what to do after a slip and fall accident:

1. Remain Still and Check Yourself for Injuries

It’s important to put your personal safety first. After a slip and fall, do your best not to make any sudden movements, like hopping back on your feet right away. Doing so could worsen an injury, which could lead to more long lasting effects if the injury is related to the back or spine. Instead, take a moment to check for any sharp pains, aching or other sensations. If there is noticeable pain in your back or a tingling sensation in your arms and legs, stay still until paramedics arrive. It could be a serious back injury.

2. Make Sure to Tell Someone about Your Slip and Fall Accident

If someone was a witness to your slip and fall, have that person report your slip and fall accident to the authorities for you. Tell a manager if your fall was at a public business, tell your employer if you fell at work, or the property owner if you fell on a private property.

IMPORTANT: report the slip and fall accident to someone before you leave the premises. Reporting the accident ensures there was an official record and documentation that it occurred. Without an accident report, you will not have as strong of a case to present to a slip and fall lawyer who will fight for compensation on your behalf. Ask for a copy of the accident report before you leave the premises.

3. Gather Evidence and Take Photographs

Before you leave the property, gather any evidence at the scene of your slip and fall accident. Take pictures, if possible, of the component of the property that made you fall, such as an exposed electrical cord or puddle of water. Take photographs of yourself and any injuries, too, even if the effect is simply wet clothes from the fall in the puddle. This evidence is crucial and can help a slip and fall lawyer make a stronger case for you.

Write down a description of your slip and fall accident, including the date, time, and location. Record who you spoke to at the scene and include the names of anyone who saw you fall, along with their contact information. They could serve as key eyewitnesses for your premises liability claim later. If you fell in a location with video surveillance, such as a parking lot, you can ask for a copy of the footage.

4. See a Doctor

Visit a doctor’s office or hospital after a slip and fall accident in California. Seeking the consultation of a medical professional who can diagnose an injury can put you on the road to a full recovery. Seeking medical attention can also show an insurance company that you did your due diligence to mitigate your symptoms rather than exaggerating your injuries by not seeing a doctor. Ask for your accident-related medical records, x-rays, test results, paperwork and bills to show your premises liability or slip and fall lawyer.

5. File a Insurance Claim

Once you have remediated your medical needs, the time may come to call the proper insurance company to file an injury claim. Before you go any further with your claim, contact a California slip and fall lawyer for legal advice.

6. Contact a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

A slip and fall lawyer can help you file a premises liability claim before the state’s deadline. Your premises liability lawyer can also take over the insurance claim process, identify the responsible parties and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. A slip and fall lawyer can help you understand what to do and what not to do after a fall accident in California.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a contingency firm; this means that the slip and fall lawyers do not collect any up-front fees. The powerful team at LFJ has years of legal experience fighting for Californians and always puts the clients’ safety first. Call (844) 568-1702.


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