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When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Imagine it. You’re driving down the road, or freeway, obeying the speed limit with all your attention focused on the road in front of you. Then, without warning, a car rear-ends you, nearly causing you to crash into another vehicle.

You’re stunned and surprised, but you’re also hurt. Maybe your airbag deployed and hurt you. Perhaps your head hit the steering wheel upon impact. Maybe you suffered whiplash or another neck or back injury.

In any of these circumstances, it’s always best to call a car accident lawyer to see if there could be any compensation that is owed to you. A California car accident lawyer like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC

Immediately after the accident, document the damage to your vehicle and make an appointment with your doctor so there is a record of the injuries you sustained.

When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Lawyers for Justice, PC has been protecting the interests of Californians for over a decade. Our firm offers powerful legal assistance to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Automobile accidents can be confusing and scary, and often times victims don’t know what to do afterward. However, a qualified car accident lawyer can protect your interests and help you obtain the damages you are owed. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed dealing with the person who hit you or the insurance companies, it is best to let an experienced car accident lawyer speak on your behalf. That’s when you should call Lawyers for Justice, PC.

Understanding Your Injuries

After an automobile crash, the next few days, weeks, and months can be taxing, both physically and mentally. It’s possible that your accident could prevent you from working, which could mean a loss of income. You crash could also leave you afraid, scared, and paranoid, or leave you with lingering post-traumatic stress symptoms.

It is imperative to make a note of all the ways in which the car accident affected you. An experienced car accident lawyer like the team at Lawyers for Justice, PC can help you understand all the ways in which you could file a claim against the person who hit you. They can also help build the strongest case so that you get all the justice and compensation you are owed.

What does a car accident lawyer do?

The powerful car accident lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC can help victims pursue legal action against the party that caused their car wreck. Vehicular accidents sometimes have serious and long-lasting consequences and can even prevent victims from making a full recovery. A car accident lawyer works with you to build a case and file a claim requesting the victim be compensated for all the physical, emotional, and property damage they endured. Best of all, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a contingency personal injury law firm. That means we offer a FREE consultation and do not charge any up-front fees to retain our professional legal services. Our clients only pay us if we win their case.

Having professional legal advice is crucial when dealing with a difficult car wreck when there are injuries and loss of property.

Can I afford a car accident lawyer in California?

Car accident lawyers are available all over California, even without the up-front costs needed for the expensive retainer fees many personal injury lawyers charges. As aforementioned, Lawyers for Justice, PC does not charge any up-front fees to secure our car accident lawyers to represent you. We understand your potential injuries and want what’s best for our clients at the end of the day.

We have a strong referral program with other personal injury attorneys, so even if we can’t take your case on ourselves, we make sure we will refer you to another lawyer that can best serve your needs.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Okay, but you may be thinking to yourself, “my accident was only a minor fender bender. Do I still need a car accident lawyer?”

If the accident is seemingly minor, you should still go to the doctor and get a full medical examination. Sometimes bodily or emotional damage can take hours, days, or weeks to appear – and both physical and emotional damage are things for which an attorney can help get victims compensation.

If you’re injured in California, you always should consult a personal injury attorney. A California car accident attorney will ensure you are protected and will build a strong case around the compensation you are owed. That claim includes the amount is sufficient to cover any medical expenses a victim accrues.

Car Accident Lawyers can help with insurance companies.

Car wrecks occur every day. That means that automobile insurance companies are dealing with claims every day, too. Because of the amount of cases car insurance companies need to process and resolve, they are often more responsive if the victim has a personal injury attorney advocating for them.

A skilled car accident lawyer is able to help you recover any damages you have suffered due to an accident – but they are also powerful voices when dealing with insurance companies. The attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC take a sophisticated and smart approach when dealing with third parties. They keep the victim’s best interests a priority, while using results-driven legal tactics that help get the job done.

What to do after a car accident.

It doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike, especially in Los Angeles traffic. Driving down popular roads like Santa Monica or Sunset Boulevard can be dangerous. And even if you are obeying traffic laws, an accident can occur because someone else is driving recklessly.

After a car accident, document any damage to your vehicle and any other vehicle involved, and make an appointment with a doctor so there is a record of any medical issues and bills you accrued. It is always a good idea to call the police and file a police report if your city requires a police officer to be on the scene.

What should I do if I have a car accident?

The ideal time to contact Lawyers for Justice, PC’s car accident lawyers is right after your accident – even if it’s only a minor car accident. The sooner you can call our personal injury firm, the better. Our attorneys can get a head start on preparing your case. The more time a victim waits, the easier it is to forget the details of the wreck and minimize the actual damage that was done.

How long does it take to report a car accident in California?

California law has specific statutes that prohibit filing a car accident lawsuit based on a few factors. A wrongful death claim can take place within two years unless there have been fatal accidents. However, it can be three years to file for cosmetic damages that involve repairs needed to any vehicle. However, a skilled car accident lawyer can give you all the legal information you need to know regarding your specific case. Contact our automobile accident attorneys to see how we can help.

What to ask an attorney

Before contacting a lawyer, it’s important to you know all the details regarding your car accident. Have all documentation you prepared to send to your car accident lawyer upon contacting them. This includes information about the accident scene and the medical bills/information you should have obtained from visiting a physician.

  1. Ask for clarity around the car accident lawyer’s payment structure.
  2. Ask how the accident lawyer will help you and how their approach differs from other car accident lawyers.
  3. Confirm the car accident injuries you suffered and ask the auto accident attorney if you have a strong case.
  4. Ask the car accident injury lawyer the average timeframe they expect the case to take.
  5. Ask the auto accident attorney if you have a strong car accident case.
  6. Ask if the accident lawyer will contact your insurance company and take over the communication with the insurance company moving forward regarding the car accident case.
  7. Get clarity on if you are filing a personal injury claim with the auto accident attorney.
  8. You can always ask for an estimated amount the car accident attorney thinks the car accident settlement will amount to.

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