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Bakersfield, a city in California’s Kern County, houses nearly 338,000 residents. Our Bakersfield personal injury lawyers fight for Bakersfield’s residents when they experience catastrophic injuries.

For residents of Bakersfield, California, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a personal injury law firm that helps residents stand up to the people who have caused them pain and suffering. We have a powerful team of attorneys who represent California residents. We help those who have suffered catastrophic injuries from motor vehicle accidents, dog incidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, premises liability, birth injuries, or other personal disasters.

Are you a Bakersfield resident or worker who has been in a terrible car accident? Has your neighbor’s dog attacked you or your family members? Maybe you suffered a brain or spinal cord injury? Whatever the situation may be, our Bakersfield law firm fights for our clients with strength and conviction. We have a track record of winning and have recovered millions of dollars for California workers and residents over the past decade.

Our Bakersfield personal injury lawyers know how frustrating it can be to be stuck with medical bills from an accident that was not your fault; we have seen it happen countless times. However, we also take a unique approach because we work on a contingency basis. Our firm’s Bakersfield personal injury lawyers are not paid unless we win your case – that means clients pay ZERO up-front fees to retain legal services.

If you live or work in the Bakersfield area and have suffered a catastrophic injury, taken a devastating fall, or have been injured in another traumatic way, call us today for a FREE consultation at (844) 568-1702. Our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys help California workers and residents make sure they have a powerful voice and receive the justice they deserve.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury law includes any type of physical injury, mental injury, or damage to property that was caused to you by another party’s negligence. If you have a valid personal injury case, a Bakersfield personal injury attorney can help you file personal injury claims against the at-fault party. The personal injury claim can help you recover compensation for any financial hardships the personal injury may have caused.

The Bakersfield personal injury attorney team at Lawyers for Justice, PC goes over each potential client’s case to determine the validity and if it warrants a valid personal injury case. Our Bakersfield personal injury lawyers are powerful litigators and have a strong record of financial recovery for plaintiffs because they have a strong working knowledge of personal injury law.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

auto accident injuries: Each Bakersfield personal injury lawyer at LFJ can help when you have been involved in a car accident. Whether accident victims have suffered physical injuries because of someone else’s negligence behind the wheel, or even experienced emotional trauma from a motorcycle accident, our legal team can help.

slip and fall injury: Our Bakersfield personal injury cases also include serious injury or physical injuries from slip and fall accidents. Whether the personal injury occurred at work or elsewhere, the legal team at LFJ can determine a person’s negligence, financial costs associated with the fall, a fair compensation to ask for on the accident victims’ behalf, and if an insurance company should become involved. Call Lawyers for Justice, PC today to speak with a personal injury attorney about your specific case. (844) 568-1702

dog bite injuries: Did you suffer a personal injury because of dog bites? LFJ’s Bakersfield personal injury lawyers can help you file a personal injury claim because of a vicious dog attack. They can even help you recoup the medical expenses associated with the attack to ensure you are compensated fairly for any physical injuries and emotional distress the dog bite may have caused.

traumatic brain injury accident: A personal injury case involving an injury to the brain can sometimes be deadly. It is a serious injury that can incur expensive medical bills, emotional distress, and even, unfortunately, death. If you or someone you know has experienced a brain injury, do not wait to contact a Bakersfield personal injury attorney before it’s too late. Our law firm can help you through the personal injury and bring to justice the negligent party.

premises liability injuries: This type of personal injury case occurs whenever someone experiences an injury on someone else’s property. This could be because the property’s walkways were uneven, or something about the premises was dangerous enough to cause someone harm. A Bakersfield personal injury lawyer can help victims hold property owners responsible.

birth injury lawsuit: If you know someone who experienced complications due to childbirth, you or the person you know might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury law is complex, but LFJ’s personal injury attorney team takes birth injuries seriously and is committed to bringing any negligent parties to justice, whether the infant or mother was harmed during birth.

spinal cord injury lawsuit: LFJ’s Bakersfield personal injury attorney team takes spinal cord injuries seriously because of how deadly and debilitating they can be. While each spinal cord injury is unique, the best way to find out of a victim is eligible for filing personal injury claims is to contact a skilled Bakersfield personal injury attorney. (844) 568-1702

Types of Personal Injury Damages

While there are many types of personal injury claims one can make, there are also different types of damages that a plaintiff can be awarded. Just a few example of personal injury damages include:

General Damages – this refers to pain and suffering issues that are non-economic damages.

Then there are Special Damages – these include medical bills and expenses incurred from a personal injury (both at the time of the accident and any medical bills that arise in the future because of the incident) and lost wages (which includes missing work at the time of the injury and any loss of wages that could happen in the future because of any long-lasting effects from the injury).

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer – FAQ

what to expect from a personal injury lawyer? With the personal injury attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC, you can expect a legal team that knows the law very well and who takes a personal approach in helping clients get exactly what they deserve.

how to to talk to a personal injury lawyer? The best way to speak to any Bakersfield personal injury attorneys is to be honest and straightforward about the injury you sustained. And it is best not to wait too long after the incident to speak to a lawyer.

how to choose a personal injury lawyer? The individual lawyer one chooses is specific to them, but generally speaking, you should hire an attorney you feel you can trust and who will not put a heavy financial burden on you up-front. Lawyers for Justice, PC offers a free consultation and the law firm is only paid if we win the case for our clients.

what can a personal injury lawyer do for you? A personal injury attorney can help with getting you a financial recovery for an accident or injury you may have experienced.

what are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer? Personal injuries are scary and can sometimes get in the way if you are trying to seek compensation. A personal injury attorney can handle all the legal heavy lifting for you – and if you hire one of the attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC, you don’t have to pay any up-front fees to retain our award-winning service.

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