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Can You Sue a Company for Not Paying You?

Can You Sue a Company for Not Paying You?

Yes, you can sue a company for not paying you for work performed in an unpaid wages lawsuit. If you believe that your employer has violated wage and hour laws (for not paying state or federal minimum wage, not compensating you with overtime pay, if the employer is practicing wage theft, or by failing to pay workers the wages they are owed), you have the right to pursue legal action to recover compensation in an unpaid wages lawsuit.

  1. Documentation:
    Gather and organize any documentation related to your employment and unpaid wages claim, including pay stubs, timesheets, overtime hours worked, your employment contract, and communications with your employer regarding payment.
  2. Understand Your Rights:
    Familiarize yourself with laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act, and state, local, and federal law regarding wage and hour claims. Make sure to know your rights when it comes to wage theft, overtime wages, the correct minimum wage in your jurisdiction.
  3. Attempt to Resolve the Issue Internally:
    Before contacting an experienced wage and hour attorney like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC, consider discussing the unpaid wages issue with your employer or the company’s HR department to attempt to resolve the matter informally. Sometimes employer are unaware they broke wage and hour laws.
  4. File a Wage Claim:
    If informal resolution attempts fail, you may file a wage claim with the appropriate government agency that enforces wage and hour laws.
  5. Consult with an Experienced Employment Law Attorney:
    Any amount of unpaid wages you experienced is substantial, because it is unjust. The employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC (LFJ) do not charge any up-front attorney’s fees. Instead, they work in a contingency fee basis, which means clients only pay their employment lawyer if they win their case. LFJ’s employment lawyers can assess your unpaid wages case, provide legal counsel, and represent you in an unpaid wages lawsuit, if necessary.
  6. File an Unpaid Wages Lawsuit:
    As a last resort, you may file a lawsuit against your employer to recover unpaid wages, overtime pay, wage violations, and any other appropriate breaches of California’s labor laws. An employment law attorney can guide you through the process of filing a civil lawsuit and represent you in court.

How To Sue For Unpaid Wages – FAQ

how much can you sue a company for not paying you? The specific amount varies by the employee’s unpaid wages and for each different wage and hour case. You should be awarded the amount of wages that your employer did not pay you. For more information, call (844) 568-1702.

how to sue for unpaid wages? One place to start is to file a wage and hour claim with the Labor Commissioner. You must file claims for violations of minimum wage, overtime, illegal deductions from pay or unpaid reimbursements within three years.

can i sue for unpaid wages? Yes you can take legal recourse. Unpaid wages can be in the form of unpaid minimum wage amounts, unpaid overtime pay, wage theft committed by your employer.

can i sue for lost wages? Have you ever asked yourself. “can i sue if my employer doesn’t pay me?” California law allows you to recover lost wages in wrongful termination cases, too. In labor law cases, this is sometimes referred to as back pay or back wages.

can i sue my employer for withholding pay? Yes. In California, employers must pay their employees by certain deadlines. If they don’t, the employee has the right to file a wage claim or lost wages lawsuit. If this is a pervasive issue that affects multiple workers, there may even be ground for a class action lawsuit.

what are my rights if my employer doesn’t pay me? California law and its wage laws stipulates that an employer must pay fair wages to their workers. All workers deserve fair compensation and employees have the right to speak to an employment attorney to recover the wages they are owed.

what kind of lawyer do i need for unpaid wages? An employment attorney, like the power team at Lawyers for Justice, PC can help you file a lawsuit to recover back wages, overtime compensation, and other lost wages. The firm also offers a offer a free consultation.

can you sue your employer? An employee can sue their employer if they did not receive overtime pay when they earned it, and likewise, can sue their employer for multiple unpaid wage claims if they experienced wage and hour violations in the workplace.

can i sue my employer for not paying me correctly? Employees have the option to pursue a civil lawsuit against their employer to recover wages they are owed, but have not received.

can you sue for wage theft? Yes, wage theft is a violation of California labor laws.

what to do if your employer doesn’t pay you? Consider calling an employment law attorney for assistance so they can help you with the wage violation you experienced. LFJ does not collect any up-front attorney’s fees.

can an employer not pay you? All employers are typically required to pay their employees.


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